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Nervous System, Brain, Liver Program

​I have Lupus: Severe joint and muscle pain, not much energy. My ankles felt broken. I couldn't get up after bending down from the knee pain.  After two footbaths and two days on my program almost all the pain was gone and sleep became very good. Good energy all day long and I noticed even my wrinkles are disappearing! I feel great!

                                                                                           - Deb, Fort Wayne

Pancreas/ Liver Cleanse Program

Meet, Libby, one of our members who had been dealing with severe health problems.  Her "mommy" brought her in this week so we could see how well she how well she is doing now!!  Libby has been on our program two weeks now and is feeling great and has so much energy now that according to her parents they can barely keep up with her! Good job Libby! 

Prostate Health Program

I had the typical prostate symptoms; incomplete emptying of the bladder, frequent urination (especially at night - waking up Eight times), interrupted weak stream and so on. Was so bad I had to sit and wait to urinate.   After about 2 weeks on my program I am no longer waking up at night, so my sleep is much better and I have more energy during the day now.   Also, when I urinate now I can stand to do so for one thing and I definitely feel that my bladder does completely empty. I feel so much better. 
                                                                                                  - Mark, Fort Wayne, IN

Liver/ Kidney/ Lymph Program

My son, Bryan, was in extremely poor health. For the last year of his life he had been seeing four different specialist, who had diagnosed him with several health issues and as a result Bryan was looking at having to undergo three different surgeries. 

Today, he is enjoying walking, talking growing like any other child and a much better quality of life. Fortunately, his health has improved so greatly that he has had no surgeries at all!

                                               -  Bryan & his mommy, Fort Wayne, IN

Client Testimonials

​Wholistic Care

Angie Willis 
Wholistic Health Consultant/ 

CEDSA Technician

Disclaimer: This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

With this information, she educates and arms each person with a personal program to restore the natural functions of the body.  

Angie has been a CEDSA Tech for over 10 years yet continues her education, believing that we should never stop progressing through learning and therefore, follows and applies all she gathers from other great health providers like Dr. Rashid A. Buttar D.O. of Centers for Advanced Medicine, Charlotte, NC., Dr. James Hawver of Bremen Health Clinic, GA., Dr. Holliday of Athens Surgery Clinic, GA., and many other leading health providers. 

After health issues forced her to go from one Alternative Practioner to another and another, and finally turning to Allopathic Medicine for Surgery and still with no relief, she began to research integrative methods of treating her conditions, and a passion and a mission was born.

 Angie’s mission became to help all achieve the highest level of health NATURALLY - in the most effective and quickest way possible and yet at a price that all could afford.  

With that in mind she offers a variety of therapies to help each one individually reach the point of optimal health.  Angie uses a system of measurement (CEDSA) based on the medical theorem that electrical pulses flow throughout the human body to every organ or system in order to enable them to function.